Where’d my old blog go?

There’s a lot of stuff I need to setup now that I merged my old ebook centric blog with this one. Give me a few days to get it all sorted.

If you’re looking for my ebooks, check out my page on Amazon. I haven’t been working on writing for a while but Late Night Roommates, my most downloaded free short story and first one I wrote has 3.5 stars from 21 reviews. Wow. It’s been months since I’ve looked and I am very happy with that. It is a 3.5 star short story. My newer works, in my view, are way better. Easily 4 stars.

If you’re looking for my games, there’s still here via blog posts & similar.

This weekend, I’ll be cleaning it all up and improving things a bit. Cheers! If you haven’t checked out the final beta of Superspy Steve: Origin Story, you should definitely check it out. The latest update is here, and you’ll need the full version to patch (just replace the images folder in the small download with the one from the big download).

PS: If you’re wondering about the book cover, it’s from Sweet Jesus, a fun short story I wrote a few years ago about a Catholic priest named Jesus. You can get it on Amazon here.