Version .30 public release and thoughts on the future

Happy Friday!

Well, depending on where in the world you are, it may still be Thursday. Funny how time travel works eh?

What am I up to? Work, real life … and PoP! The .35 release is going along swimmingly and will be released as a “preview,” on Oct 29th with new content and a few key bug fixes that I shared on Patreon. The .30 (label says .28 but am going to ensure the next release don’t have the wrong number version in the Ren’py build … ) release went public about a week ago on Patreon, here.

Download links, in case you don’t want to visit Patreon, via Mega:

Mac version is here.

Windows version is here.

Download via my website (may be slower, due to bandwidth constraints):

Mac version.

Windows version.

The featured image for this post, sadly, won’t be part of the .35 release but will be included in the .40 release around November 29th, give or take (not sure exact date yet). However, what will be in the release is a few scenes I’ve shared with supporters and the branches of the story should be more clear.

To that end, while the Patreon release talked about two scenarios for the ending, there are more planned and in reality, there are three main branches of the story.

(Charlie Brown Teacher sound here … audible, yet, incomprehensible).

It’s a weird feeling, living with characters in your head, watching them take shape, unfold and grow over a year. None of my novels took a year, Superspy Steve, the only game I have bigger than Princess of Persia, I finished in ~9 months. Life is different now and work has changed, sure, but the scope for this is a different scale. I’ve tried to ensure the repetition issues that blocked Steve’s game from being great are not present in PoP, or if they were in a release, worked relentlessly to stomp them out.

Still reading? Okay, good. I have a confession to make … I’m hungry.


I mean, I love games made for a adults. There are a few publishers I admire (HUGE thanks to Lesson of Passion … I would not be doing this if I hadn’t found you three+ years ago. LOVE your work and will do whatever it takes to help promote, encourage and spread affection for, what I consider, the #1 game developer in our category.)

*However* 12+ months is a long time for a visual novel, dating RPG or similar game. I want to do more. Create more. Build more. To do that, I need support. Also, I need to make games that inspire, not just entertain. I want my fans to do what Leo’s fans have done; create such a rabid following that people are comfortable telling friends, “Hey, I played this Jill Gates game … wait, you haven’t heard of JG publishing? Da f–k?” And yes, I have told, IRL (in real life) at least 20-50 people about LOP Gold, how amazing their games are and more.

This is a long way of saying I’m trying to grow. My home office wall is covered in a huge number of post-it notes. The last few months, as I’ve gained more feedback, I have made more improvements in game and grown as a game maker.

I don’t know if 40-60 years from now I will still enjoy this but I’ve made a decision in the last year. I want to leave a mark. If I get hit by a bus tonight, I left unsuccessful. But if I can make games that inspire, that entertain and that make players feel more *connected* and *human* then I’ll have reached my goal, no matter if my hobby lasts for the next two years or two hundred.

Feedback is a gift. I want to thank every single person who’s ever said anything about my games, public or private, praise or ridicule. You help. You inspire. And for creators like me, the unvarnished truth may be ugly but it is always appreciated.

Thank you, all, for your faith, your support and your interest. I owe you the world.