Jack and Polly in the dungeon

Thanks for the poll votes, Polly and Jack in the Dungeon Movie Available Now

So the poll I ran ended up two to one in favor of a “dungeon,” setting, rather than the horseback riding setting (color me surprised, btw…I thought the horseback riding scene sounded a lot more romantic & able to build the story). In any case, I do plan on continuing that scene as well (the horseback riding / travel scene) and have some ideas to make it pretty interesting.

The animation file is now available to all supporters at the $5 and higher level. I did say I’d have it done at the end of the weekend, but sometimes it’s hard to get everything done on schedule. (48 hours late…given my past supporter rewards landed usually by the 7th of the month, I’d say I’m doing f*cking great) :).

There are a few customizations left I need to figure out to start really getting the download version of Princess of Persia ready for download. I’ll post an update on progress here and on Patreon this weekend.

Thanks again for all your support on my game, Princess of Persia!