Tasha’s Power Trip, a new mobile and browser game coming soon

Tis the season…after my web based game, Crush on Candy, did so well I decided to make another one while troubleshooting and writing for Princess of Persia.

If you support me on Patreon, you’ve already got access to the game 🙂 If not, head over there and sign up. The games are free but time and materials aren’t free for me.

A few more images in case you’re wondering what the game looks like, how it works or what might happen 🙂

You may have seen some of these images if you’re already supporting me, as they were part of the December image set. However, the game has nearly 200 images between the static renders and animations (two so far).

Are you excited to see Tasha’s Power Trip? The game has five unique endings based on your choices in the game.