Sword of Wonder .30 Now Available

Earlier today, I published the latest update to Sword of Wonder for Patrons, here. The latest update is again larger than the last .29 by nearly fifty images, also, it has 15 animations in the current update. There is more text in this update as well, and a few of the scenes will be familiar if you played Romancing the Kingdom previous. What I’ve been doing is adding in the usable content from that game as well, to enrich Sword of Wonder and help develop Polly’s backstory.

Else how would we know what she was doing, what her life was like, before MC arrived? There are two updates planned after this, a February update as well as a March update. There may be more after that, but, the plan is to bring the game to a close in March, then if there are other updates, it would be things like the UI, adding extra achievements, a game guide & other tasks.

Once Sword of Wonder is finished, I’ll see what project I want to tackle but until then, I’m only working on that game to ensure it wraps up nicely with the endings I’ve had in mind for a while. Rendering is already in progress for the next, .31 update, and I’ve got more than a few dozen images so far, as well as one animation in the works.