Sword of Wonder Final, Final

At last, here it is. The .31 update with 90 new images, 7 new animations versus the previous “final,” edition released less than a week ago. I’ve gone through the code, all the paths, updated the story, the text, bugs, added a few scenes & more.

I’m happy. The game is incredible now, the experience is, from when I started re-using the Romancing the Kingdom assets to now, better than I dreamed. Daz3d has also helped, as the software improved, my animations are now much nicer than the ones I created at the outset. This update is a great example of that.

There are 5 animations never before seen in either game, and two animations from Romancing the Kingdom that are now added to Sword of Wonder. Not all the content from RtK was used, but a large percentage of it.

I’ll be back with a new post in early January after the holidays with updates about my plan for 2020.

Cheers, and thanks for playing. Learn more about Sword of Wonder here on my blog, or visit my patreon page for the final update.