Sword of Wonder Adult Fantasy Game


You play as MC (can customize the character name, default is Jack) who ship wrecked on a foreign land full of…Amazons, Camelot and called Tropia. The main characters you’ll interact with are the two step-sisters, Polly, heir to the throne, and Briley, her buxom blonde sibling. Queen Uma, the ruler of Tropia, as well as the two lead guards, Summer and Spring.

During your time in the land of Tropia, you’ll meet a goddess, the Innkeep’s sister, several fairy tales and other characters both male and female. You’ll vanquish brigands, if you’re lucky, and learn to wield a blade.

Game details and stats for the .29 version, currently free to download

There are, of course, plenty of choices to make. Do you pursue Polly, the first Princess to catch your eye? Her guards? Her step-mother, or the other Princess, Briley?

With over 1800 images and dozens of animations, Sword of Wonder is a middle ages, Arthurian fantasy with both adult images & scenes. In addition, it has more than two novels worth of text, more than sixty menus and many sound effects & two main music tracks. Download the .29 version free here on Patreon.

Current supporter version .30, for paying supporters at the highest level. Sign up here on Patreon to get access, features 290 new images, 15 animations and more than twelve thousand words in the update over the .29 free version.

Sample artwork from Sword of Wonder

Briley, Polly and Uma
Spring, the captain of the guard

How to download the latest Sword of Wonder

Visit Patreon to get the most up to date version, which is always available for paid supporters only. The public version is at least five weeks behind the supporter version, with higher tier supporters having access a month before the lowest tier of supporters.