Sword of Wonder .29 Update Now Available

Just a few hours ago, I put the finishing touches on the .29 update and it’s now available to all supporters. If you are looking for the free version of the game, the .28 version is available now free to download.

Each update the last three months (including this month) has had over 200 images and an average of 10 new animations per update, of course, the .29 update is significantly larger with more than 250 new images as well as 14 animations. By request, there’s a threesome scene with Polly and Summer. Every monthly update has at least one scene with animation that was by request from supporters as I’ve always viewed this story as something concrete in my plan, with flexibility to include various things that make players cherish and enjoy the experience that much more.

As usual, the news gets posted to Patreon supporters first so if you want to see something in particular, know what’s coming up or influence the story hit that subscribe button. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been learning more about rendering and improving the speed with which I can produce new content, so I expect updates in the future for the next couple of months will be similar in size with as much animation (or more, if possible) 🙂

Happy New Year and may your 2020 be amazing.