Sword of Wonder .29 Available for Free to Download

Today, as I’ve already published the .30 update to Sword of Wonder, I made a change to Patreon so that everyone who wants to try out Sword of Wonder can download the .29 version for free. That update has a total of 1800+ images, dozens of animations and 125K overall words of text. The .30 update has even more of everything and if you enjoy the .29 update, please consider paying for the latest update.

There are only a few more versions before the game will be finished, the Feb and March versions will bring the story to a close and include multiple endings. There may be an update or two after to change things or experiment in the UI, etc, but, my goal right now is to finish up the story and ensure that the game wraps up well with endings that reflect the main paths through the game.

Thank you tons for your interest in my project. If you haven’t played the game before, or want more information about it, check out this page for more about Sword of Wonder.