Sword of Wonder .25b Updated Again for Supporters

Today, I’m posting to Patreon the latest updated version of Sword of Wonder, version “c,” with a few more changes and bug fixes than the previous “b,” version that I updated a few days ago. Specifically, this build removes the “ini,” files that were included in the prior releases as I’ve now excluded those in Ren’py’s build process.

Supporters can download here via Patreon, the public version will be available early April, after the version .26 is released for supporters.

One of the other two bugs was related to a Polly breakfast scene, at the eighth scene give or take, it would repeat without giving helpful information like, “This sequence finished and will be updated in version .26,” as you have probably seen in other tracks throughout the game.

The other was an Uma throne chat that resulted in some repetition as well. Download the updates on Patreon here, or wait until those are released for free to the public (early April, once I have the .26 version complete for supporters).