Sword of Wonder .25 Release, Game News

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update here; for those who are already supporting me on Patreon you would have seen this news yesterday. For those who aren’t, you can read about it here.

Compared to the previous version, here are the changes:

  • * Three new sound tracks for various scenes
  • * 140 + new static renders inside the game
  • * Ten plus new scenes versus the last update
  • * Six new adult animations featuring Polly, Spring, Briley and Uma (depending on the scene). 

Download links below from Mega:

Or download via my server (may be slower):

Other than the update to Sword of Wonder, I wanted to share that the most recent paid only release of Romancing the Kingdom, .60, will be available to the public for free in about a week, once I have reviewed the files and ensured any known bugs are fixed.

After that, I am going to continue working on the .26 update to Sword of Wonder, as I already have over a hundred new images and multiple animations finished; only thing left to do is write the scenes and hopefully use more simplified game logic, as the last update was a bit confusing & debugging took several days alone. There are some new sound effects I am planning on adding as well and the first new achievements in-game for a few updates. Next time I share news, it’ll be over at Patreon.com/JillGates. Thank you for your support!