Sword of Wonder .23 Free Public Release – Details and Download Links

Post originally was for paid supporters on Patreon, republished below with the Sword of Wonder adult game links to download, as well as the original release notes, with slight edits.

It was a rough, long slog to get the release finished, polished and tested before shipping while I  was sick. However, I pushed through and finished the single biggest game update I’ve ever done. Yep, larger than the latest RtK Releases by a mile. However, the .60 version of Romancing the Kingdom was after this and about the same size of an update, with more than 350 new images.

What’s awesome, new and wonderful in Sword of Wonder .23?

  • Main music track, sub-tracks for special events in game…these aren’t a full list of the eventual music, but, an early version. Would love your feedback on these and of course, mute works too 😉
  • In game HUD, “heads up display,” with a few key stats, time and health.
  • Mechanics around eating, health and events
  • Time of day (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night) where you can experience some scenes, meet certain characters only at a specific time, on a specific location in the game.

Render, animation & character updates

  • Hundreds of new renders – some you might recognize from Romancing the Kingdom, some are brand new for Sword of Wonder.
  • Multiple adult animations, including two at 30 FPS and others with lower frame rates. Please let me know what you think of the “low frame rate,” animation.
  • In this update, you’ll experience the opportunity to push the envelope in your relationship with Polly, Briley, Spring and Uma. Each woman is different and has their own set of animations in this release. Wendy is the only female character in game so far that isn’t in an adult scene at this point, with the previous scene from an earlier version that featured Summer.

The story and the experience

  • Each woman has their own associated events and milestones in game among the four. To pursue relationships with each, manage your time, visit the kitchen and of course, go exploring the world of Tropia.
  • Saves from the previous .22 version have been tested and work, let me know if you experience otherwise & I’ll investigate.
  • There are multiple scenes I had planned to include in this update so without giving too much away, I’ll be doing a smaller update in a few weeks with those scenes.
  • In game, given the various paths you can follow, you may see, “Pending,” or “version .24,” a few times. That’s an indicator that the current scene path or character path you’re on with that particular woman only leads to repetitious content at this point. A few times, to make the experience less of a grind, you don’t have the option of repeating a scene endlessly and the game will simply skip that scene.

Overall, I think that’s a solid improvement to the previous releases I’ve had and a good way to enable you to experience the game, in the open format it’s been designed, however you wish to play.

Now for the links

Via Mega, choose your platform and download:

Currently, I’m working on the latest version of Sword of Wonder 0.24, the next update in this series. To follow my progress and get the latest updates (as well as being able to download the game over a month before the public) join my other supporters on Patreon. You’ll be able to share feedback, participate in polls that shape the story, get exclusive artwork and more.