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Sword of Wonder .21 Free Public Release Download Now

Howdy world, what’s happening where you’re at? Here in California, I’m busy working on the latest updates to my games (Romancing the Kingdom .50 coming soon) and today decided to release the Sword of Wonder .21 a day early to the public.

Say, what? FREE game? And…early? Get the download details on Patreon if you don’t want to read more.

Yes. Version .22 isn’t done (yet) but I did already release a beta version to patrons at the highest two tiers over the last week, learned new code and ensured that the official .22 update will be seamless over the .21 update. If you’re already supporting me, or want to, at those levels, check out the Sword of Wonder .22 beta here.

What’s new in the .22 version and what’s planned

(If you wanted the details on the .21 update, visit the Patreon link above).

So far, it’s about tied with the .50 Romancing the Kingdom update and when I finish, I believe it will be larger in scope. There are a few reasons for this, as the games (if you have played both) are a very different kind of experience. The male centric POV game, Sword of Wonder, has let’s call them, “Contests of skill,” that require you to think, recall and act. In Romancing the Kingdom, it’s not about reflexes, it’s about the story.

There are several mini-games already included in the .22 beta, which I’ll list below (spoiler, ignore if you aren’t interested and stop reading now).

Existing mini-games in Sword of Wonder .22 beta:

  • Pick the right option – on the path to the city, pick up the bag or ignore it, however, ignoring means you repeat the scene.
  • Click the object (bandit) before time runs out – the timer slides down and if you don’t click before time runs out, you lose, thus needing to begin from last save point or the start.
  • Memory card game – find groups of three in a set of cards.
  • Hidden object – find the tastiest dishes and assuage your hunger.
  • Hidden object – cook the meal.

Planned mini-games and features going forward (for now, will expand more in the future):

  • Chicken hunting in the yard (already created and coded).
  • Find the correct spices and use them to season the food (extension of the “cook the meal,” mini-game planned, not yet implemented).
  • Chicken hunting in the yard version two (planned, not yet implemented).

Sword of Wonder Game Design Summary

I haven’t, ever, put this much into planning and building a game. It’s reflected in the interest, the support and the word of mouth I’ve had for this game since I started six weeks ago on Sword of Wonder. Over the last two months since I lost a family member, it’s like a whole new world opened up. What if I get hit by a bus tomorrow? Doubtful but *possible*.

Now I’m risking my ability to buy groceries and pay rent on the audience growth of my latest games. I need to update my previous ones eventually as the quality difference is one you can taste. Metaphorically, at least. If I’m going to do this full time in the future, as I have for the past few months, the quality, the enjoyment and the experience will be something you didn’t know you were missing until you tried Sword of Wonder.

Examples of what’s coming in version .22 and beyond:

Quest feature (coded not yet included) – it is a library, as are many of the features I add, but with customization and improvement, you’d never know this was the same feature as “Yet another forgetful adult game with mediocre experience.” The plan is to feature this as a “beta,” in .22 but it may be the .23 release before this is well integrated. TBD.

Achievements gallery (planned, not coded) – I’m thinking the .23 update in March may have this, or at the latest, the .24 update in April. It’s a great idea and I appreciate the suggestion to add this. In my mind, this feature is something I should have already planned with achievements in general, but, as you know, the creation of this kind of game is an on-going dialogue between the creator and the audience.

Expanded cooking mini-game (planned, not coded) – I shared this concept on Discord with some other developers and it’s a nice win, also improves the continuity of the previous cooking mini-game. You’ll see this in .23 or later.

Egg collecting mini-game (planned, not coded) – I haven’t shared this in public before, however, it’s a logical extension to the chicken hunting mini-game. I have some perhaps not all of the assets and plan to include this in the .24 release.

Scrub the horses (planned, not coded) – Also brand new for people who read my blog, this is a future .24 or later mini-game where you, as the main character, need to give the horses a good rub down after a hard ride. Nope, not a euphemism. Remember how in fantasy novels set in middle ages Europe had the characters doing a bunch of menial things, or Jane Austin in the 1800’s how much time and effort daily life took? Exactly.

How does all that sound?

I’m happy with the road-map and very happy with the latest Romancing the Kingdom and Sword of Wonder releases. It’s been amazing over the past month to see how people have reacted in helping through my time of troubles as well as how the improved game quality has led to more support. Truthfully, this is why I’m experimenting and making Sword of Wonder. It’s a way to infuse Anime style camera effects, realistic “grinding,” in an RPG sense and more to the game. The story is almost identical but…the experience is nothing like your standard visual novel.

These features take time, effort and the assets cost money. I appreciate your support and even if you can’t afford a dollar a month for the lowest level, sharing my free games with people you know is a fantastic way to ensure I can keep producing works that you love.