Superspy Steve

Superspy Steve: The Origin Story is my largest complete game, with up to 28 days of unique content and five different endings. To unlock some image sequences and animations, you’ll have to play through a few times.

The final game map, for when all the locations have been unlocked from in game play:

Allow me to introduce a few characters…meet Bruce, your BFF:

Then there’s the women in the game…meet Victoria, the manager of the coffee shop in the render above (next to the park, per the game map).

Gwen, the gangster’s sister, an unfortunate young woman from the wrong side of town.

Jennifer, a fresh out of high school eighteen year old, was promised an internship when she turned eighteen. While fun, she seems more after you because she thinks you have cash.

Chiyo, the banker who won’t take you seriously until you start doing business with the bank…with one loan already outstanding, she knows your situation is almost bankrupt. Prove you have what it takes to get to know her better.

Last, but not least, is Chiyo’s co-worker, Vanessa. She has attitude and a hidden agenda all her own. Depending on your choices, you may learn more than you bargained for.

Summary, now that you’ve seen the characters:

  1. Steve works inside car dealership, improves a few stats (tech, combat) that also unlock aspects of game play.
  2. Each of the women characters above has a love meter that shows progress. The higher the love, well, the more scenes and some animation will start to appear. There is at least one full HD, 30 frame per second animation with each character in the game, depending on the path taken today.
  3. Game play is 28 days of unique content; the current version will end at day 27 starting from day zero. The epilogue, depending on ending, can be a series of stills or bonus animation.
  4. As of writing (October 8th) I’ve been working on this game for about six months. The releases after this will be patch releases, without the image directory, once I get bug reports.

Where do I get the full game?

To save space on my computer and as this game hasn’t been updated in about two years, please use the download links from Mega. Go here to download Superspy Steve Origin Story via Mega.

If you have downloaded a version before, or want to patch your latest, read more below.

For this version, no patches were issued. If you find bugs, I’m happy to review and fix them when I have time and if there is interest. Drop me a note via Patreon.

Also as this game was my first full length work, you might be interested to know that both Sword of Wonder and Romancing the Kingdom are both larger with more text, animations & images.