SuperSpy Steve: Final Beta Patch

There are 5 endings. 28 days of gameplay with story. For a few endings, there are some major bonus animation sequences…for others, probably not the happy ending you expect when you chose that option.

To trigger the various endings, you’ll need to play through a few times and decide to spend variable amounts of time with the romanceable characters. If you have too high a score with one, the corresponding ending will trigger.

I expect to find some bugs and things, but, the game is now 99.9+% done…and I couldn’t be happier.

If you haven’t downloaded the game before – OR – just don’t want to download the patch because you have an old version, get the complete release here on my site.

Or you can download the full version via Mega, here.

Download the patch release here, and use the prior release directories to copy & paste the old images directory into the new images directory.

If you don’t have the full version, download the August 23 release here and then use the patch to get the complete set of content.

What does this mean?

Copy the /images/ folder from the August 23rd release into the September release. Same path, etc.