Superspy Steve 1.0 Now Available

Check out the snazzy new title screen; there’s a few more things coming in this release as well.

  1. Two new animations with Victoria;
  2. Final game map available after a certain period in game – this means that several women’s apartments will be on screen perhaps before you have the relationship. If you click, you just can’t go there and will be prompted to improve your relationship.
  3. Bug fixes galore, in addition to a new game mechanic; daily, your energy will deplete and you will need to cook to restore.

I’ll update this post in a few hours once the uploads are finished, the file looks like it’s nearly 1.9+ gigs. Download it here from my site.

Or you can download via Mega, here.

After this version, future bug fixes will be patch release only until the majority of bugs are squished. There may still be one or two even after the game is done depending on platform, etc, as I don’t get enough detailed feedback & can’t test on all.