Romancing the Kingdom .65 – Latest Update Available

Just yesterday, I’ve published the latest, .65 update to Romancing the Kingdom, the game I was working on before Sword of Wonder. Now that the SoW game is done, I’ve returned to RtK, and delivered an update which removes 3 different historical animations I didn’t like (for various reasons) and instead has the single largest increase in a single update of new animation I’ve ever published 😉

I think it’s awesome, there are new animations with Summer / Polly, Lucy / Polly, Wendy / Polly, and more – many of which were never included in the Sword of Wonder game, even if the scene overlapped (such as the new animations in the Spring / Polly / Jack threesome scene). The animations in many cases have had speed improvements where things were too slow – or at least a slow / then faster version, to ensure the animated scenes are as immersive & satisfying as possible.

If you want the latest Romancing the Kingdom subscribe on Patreon, or get it later with a lower priced purchase 🙂 This won’t be going to a free public update until after the .70, which is in active development, and should launch early February.