Romancing the Kingdom 0.56 – Current Free Public Release

The current release, .56, has been free to download for a little over a week via Patreon. The details are below, posted originally to paying supporters. I’ll post here about the .60 release, which is only available right now for Good & higher level paid supporters, in a follow up.
You’re here for the game notes and updated files right?

  • Release notes:
  • 90+ brand new images
  • Three new animations
  • Many news scenes, with more story and writing in this update than the previous .50 update.
  • One new day in game play that advances the story significantly

Mega links for download  for the .56 version which solved several bugs, some detailed below.

A few helpful people identified some bugs along the Briley path in Romancing the Kingdom; one of which resulted in a player only being able to experience the first ~9-11 days of content, instead of the full 16 days of content that’s available in the current version.

So I fixed those errors, updated the function to ensure that if you play from an older release it still works and also I swapped out ~20 or so images that I wasn’t thrilled with from early in the game (prologue, also the repeating Polly & Jack kitchen scene).

Last, I’ve compressed more of the PNG images so the overall footprint of the file is a bit smaller than the previous version of the game.

Download links are here, via Mega.




Next post, I’ll share more about the Sword of Wonder game, which also has a relatively new free release, and is the next paid supporter game I’ll be updating in a few weeks. Most news I post elsewhere, so make sure to read there as well to get the newest updates.