Romancing the Kingdom 50 Polly and Spring discovery

Release Updates for Romancing the Kingdom, Sword of Wonder

It’s been a while since I have posted here, but, if you follow my Patreon page, you’ll see I’ve been busy. The Sword of Wonder .22 release is working it’s way through the tiers of supporters and will be available publicly per the schedule.

Romancing the Kingdom version .50 will be available to the public later this week for free, while I’m working on the .55 version and will publish that in early April. If you never downloaded the current free release, .45, download it here.

My schedule is much more compressed now however I’m going to continue to provide quality updates that are also much larger than those I produced in 2017. In fact, the .50 release of Romancing the Kingdom had more new content (images, text, story…) than the previous two monthly updates combined.

While the supporter image series was delayed from February until early March, I’ve shipped both the image series & animation for this month as well just last week.

So ya, this blog hasn’t been busy but I have gotten a *lot* done already this year. Between the updates to Sword of Wonder .22 and Romancing the Kingdom, wow.

Thank you all for your interest in my work, I really appreciate it and definitely check out Romancing the Kingdom .50 if you aren’t supporting me on Patreon when it goes free this week.