Princess of Persia Version .15 Public Release, .20 Supporter Edition

After a lot of work and a ton of debugging the last few days, I’m finally ready to release both the .15 version for the public and (as soon as it’s uploaded to the server) the .20 version for Patreon subscribers. As before, next week, the $5 supporter’s will get access, then a week later the $1 supporters and the week after that, it’ll be free for the public.

What’s new in this build?

Daily game loop has been ironed out more and the flow is getting solid. The story has changed a bit to bring life into the characters and a few scenes have been moved from the prologue, two of which will be added back in the .25 build this month (the pond threesome scene and the Uma & Jack scene).

A partial list of new scenes and content follows inside the .20 build for supporters:

  • Polly’s bedroom with Jack
  • Judgement day with the twins
  • Meeting Spring at the stables
  • Time duration fixes, including the ability to play through at least 11 days of in game play with no errors, based on my testing.

PC version of .15:

Mac version of .15:

or check out Patreon for the .20 version and help support me while I keep making Princess of Persia the best game I’ve ever made.