Princess of Persia Updates, Download Version and more

Lately, I’ve been asking people for feedback on Patreon using the poll feature. Guess what? It’s been *awesome* – I can’t read people’s minds and being able to get some stats about what people like, don’t and what direction I should take has been extremely amazing.

With that in mind, I’m putting “pause,” on a personal commitment to see where this leads. Me? I’d love to make games that people are willing to pay to see through to completion. Like me, you’ve probably spent money on a few adult game developers in the past, right? Especially now that I know how hard this stuff is.

Tomorrow, I’m going to do a first: throw a poll about the animation and image series for this month that I deliver to supporter’s on Patreon. But, I’m only going to leave voting open to people who currently are supporter’s, as the latest poll I had more than double the votes (which I appreciate) as I do supporter’s (this helps me spend money on things like the assets you see in the latest renders, horse, throne room, etc).

The new development is focused on the download version, taking what’s available in the web based version, making it better and improving the overall story before I start adding more RPG elements.