Polly and Spring meet identical women twins

Princess of Persia, new scenes, change in direction for the plot

Whew, confirmed the latest updates are working (thank you for the bug reports) in Princess of Persia, available to all supporter’s as a “thank you,” for hanging in there for a few days with the bug I had. Ugh.

Speaking of, contact me on Patreon or Deviant Art (the two networks I’m regularly active on) if you would agree to be a beta tester. This would enable you to receive releases before supporters, *but* also requires actual work. I need one person with Windows 8, another with Windows 10, another with MacOS Sierra. So three in total, if there is demand for Linux, then I’d need a Linux OS tester who knows enough to share what version(s) theirs is also compatible with and can run a Ren’py game.

What’s in store next? It looks like the twins poll is a runaway hit for the concept, so I will be working on that shortly, in addition to the dialogue and updates for the existing, already rendered content for the game. The variables aren’t “wired up,” yet, so I will also be started to get those installed soon as well, as they give the game a better narrative structure (eg, conversations have consequences, just like in real life).

Also, if you visit the poll page, there is an image set, originally 12, that included a bonus 13th image from yesterday after so many people overwhelmingly said, “Yes,” to the concept.