Celebrating one month of Superspy Steve: Alpha Releases

Superspy Steve: The origin story.

This edition has a few new animations, let’s break it down:

  • Threeway with Chiyo & Victoria (dialogue complete…a few options, infinitely more fun).
  • Action with Jennifer in a few new animations
  • Chiyo, a few new animations as well.
  • Bug fixes, variable issues and other stuff.


As usual, there’s more in the images folder than is in the game, but, about 95% of it is now there of course with more on the way each release as I shift more development efforts from rendering 99% to less, and from code as 1% to more.

Download the July 4th build from my website here.

Or get it from Mega, via the link in the original post, since updated with the new file.

If you have feedback, use Reddit or Shark’s Lagoon. Or patreon, but, I haven’t had any traction there yet…or Deviantart, but, that’s mostly for non-adult things. 😉