Crush on Candy, Adult Mobile / Browser Game, Updated

Instead of posting new, I decided to simply update the existing post. It’s been a few weeks, a holiday for those of us in the US came and went and now, there’s an update to Crush on Candy. What’s new?

  • Love meter – see your progress if you get it right, or wrong, when deciding how to chat with Candy.
  • Multiple endings – there’s still only one main, “Good,” ending but now there are multiple bad endings with dialogue that reveals more about the lovely protagonist of this short game.
  • New animation and new image series – I’ve added more than a dozen new HD renders as well as a brand new animation, not to mention, the script has more than tripled in content.

Wow, how does that sound? To me, it sounds like it went from a short demo or experiment to a full on entertaining game that’s enjoyable to play through multiple paths. I hope you like the expansion, let me know what you think on Patreon, Shark’s Forum, Reddit, or Deviant Art. Other social networks it may take me a bit to get back to you.

Original older post follows:

As you may have read in my last post, I’ve been deep in R&D making progress on building web based games, so that people can enjoy my work on desktop or mobile devices. The latest short game I’ve made is called, “Crush on Candy,” and it’s a brief game with a few animations and renders that lead to an explosive finish – if you pick your answers right.

The style is more first person POV which was a design goal I had for this title, to make the male player feel more like *they* are the one having the date with Candy. Quality wise, I believe these are my best renders ever and some of my nicer animation sequences, as well.

Play Crush on Candy now.

Want leave me feedback on Reddit, or Shark’s forum?  Those are the best places, or if you support me on Patreon please leave a note there.