Current project:

Sword of Wonder is an Arthurian inspired story about a shipwrecked man who stumbles across a lake in a foreign land. A bit like Robinson Crusoe in that sense. When he’s given a tantalizing story and told he could become King, he starts to become curious. Should he attempt to take the throne for himself? What sacrifices and choices will he need to make to become King, and, does he have the stomach to do them?

Currently available for all supporters on Patreon, the .29 version is available for Windows, Mac and Linux desktops & laptops. Get the download links and extra details here on Patreon.

Current public version .28. Get more details and links to download here on my Patreon page in this post.

Highlights of what’s in Sword of Wonder so far:

  • 2,100+ images, beautifully rendered in realized 3d in a lush fantasy setting
  • Dozens of adult animations featuring almost all the female characters in various situations with the main character.
  • Customizable name (default is Jack, but, you can pick Dude, Bro, WorshipMe or anything that fits in 10 characters).
  • Background music in two flavors for regular scenes and adult scenes, as well as environmental sound effects for the forest, the lake, rain and other scene specific sounds.
  • Achievements for multiple events in game (more to be added over time).
  • A scene gallery you can access from the left menu which showcases images from the game, provided you experienced the scene to unlock them.

Past and other projects

Note that the mobile and web based games I have that work in the browser are overall much less complicated than the download games. Also only three (Sword of Wonder and Romancing the Kingdom, as well as Crush on Candy, below) have any sound in them.

Romancing the Kingdom, a game was working on for about two years. The last update, .60, can be found here from 2018.  A brief description of the game. Polly, heir to the throne, is anxious about her duties in ascending to such a responsibility. Currently on hold indefinitely while I focus on improving and adding content to Sword of Wonder. Previously called Princess of Persia, title changed to better reflect game content in 2017.

Online, browser games that also work on mobile / tablet devices:

Crush on Candy, my first complete web based game, published in November, 2016. A short date night scenario where you play a heterosexual male and enjoy the multiple animations and finish from a first person perspective. Updated in January, 2017 with sound effects, background music and some other edits to include multiple endings.

Tasha’s Power Trip, another web based game playable in mobile or desktop browsers. A short lesbian domination themed game with multiple animations and endings.

The Swordsman’s Journey. It’s rendered in 3delight, rather than Iray as the download games are. To give it a walk through (unfinished, mostly online to see how it works as it’s made in Tyrannobuilder) visit this page.

Desktop, download games that work on Mac, PC and Linux:

Coffee Shop Encounter, a seven week lesbian themed dating sim. Features two women in a few scenes and some animation. Get the game and read more here.

The Handyman’s Wish, a short, one afternoon encounter with the same model as Steve in Superspy Steve. My shortest game.

Superspy Steve, a 28 day dating sim / adult RPG is my longest, with five characters to meet, over a dozen animations and five unique endings. Game completed in September, 2016. Read more about Superspy Steve here.

Tools and technology used

For mobile / web based games, I have tried a number of platforms, engines, tools, scripts and more. Yuck. Only one has been able to do most of what I want, (with a few things I need to learn), and that’s VN-Canvas, an HTML5 visual novel framework in JavaScript and HTML5.

For download games, I learned enough Ren’py to do what I want and really, really appreciate the capability of this platform. If they ever did a web based export of the tool, it would rival Unity or Unreal for the larger chunk of the gaming market, I am certain.

Generally, I use the following when making games:

  • Adobe Photoshop (export to video from Daz3d, some filtering, other)
  • Textwrangler (on Mac) – text editor, because you need at least one, and on Windows, Notepad++.
  • Daz3d – it’s free, the default content will help you learn and it’s enabled me to do amazing things. More important people have done even more incredible stuff.
  • Sound effects from, used in in Crush on Candy, Sword of Wonder and Romancing the Kingdom.
  • Other stuff too depending on project.