Game loop, Music and New Version Out Today for Princess of Persia

Just a quick note in case you’re wondering, “When is the next version of Princess of Persia coming out?” Vacation was good last month which took a chunk out of my schedule but the latest version .15 is here today for $10 supporters on Patreon.

When will you be able to download the latest?

  • July 22th, $5 supporters
  • July 29th, $1 supporters
  • August 5th, public release of .15
    • And, August 5th, the version .20 will be available.

The current update has music, multiple scenes and the game loop included. There are several scenes rendered and not yet included, now that the game loop is done, the next version should be easier to produce and include even more new content than this one. Feedback as always appreciated.