Full update: Patch release 1.1

So, I’ve had to add some images to the patch version; this means you’ll need to copy & paste the images directory and it should not override the existing files. Sigh.

Full version via my site here.

The mega link is in the bottom of this post.

Patch version here (hm; this will work with the full version from the most recent release before this, but, it has the added issue of new images. Let me know if there are issues).

What’s included?

  1. New content through day 14 in the game.
  2. Fixes, bug fixes and all sorts of things.
  3. New way to earn money; lounge scene has an un-lockable map that makes it make sense in the flow. If you get to know Jennifer, it’ll work out fine.

Tons of other things as well. Now that the 2nd week of “main story,” events are concluded, I’m working on integrating the content for the 3rd week. The game has 3 weeks playable now, but, the unique time bound events stop at day 14.

At this point, you can probably guess what week three has…or, perhaps not. I’m excited about it as the story gets a lot deeper and the dialogue and character building should provide for a nice amuse-busch (spelling / no time for Google) appetizer to the ultimate, week long showdown.

The game has turned a bit aside from my original goal; even having told myself “No more renders,” for a few weeks, I managed to include some, thus the format of the latest incremental build. There are 900+ renders in the main directory, which include a few animated sequences. All in, there are a few hundred more images with the existing animations. I have played a lot of games online, download, etc – I blew past the numbers I should have kept in mind and ended up making a ton more visual content. It’s been fun, but, I need to restrain myself for the next game(s) to ensure I can hit deadlines better.

Here’s where I would put today’s release in terms of completion:

  • Renders (9.5/10) – should be 10/10 but I can’t promise that 100% right now.
  • Plot and scene plan (9.5/10) – should be 10/10 but I can’t help editing when I see something that makes me cringe when I play through the game.
  • Script and dialogue (6/10) – this is where I have the outline, plot and scene list as above to complete the game. But, when I make the renders and then implement the plot / scene plan, sometimes, I want to do more…sorry / not sorry. I believe this is making for a better product, but, it’s also ensured things take longer than it should. I’m aiming to improve this for subsequent games.

If you have been waiting on the game to finish, I wanted this build to include an accurate score card to ensure people know where it’s at and how long I think it’ll take to get final.

To download via Mega, click here to start the download.