Coffee Shop Encounter, a Seven Day Simple Adult Game

Last year, I made this game but the post was corrupted, so I’m rewriting and adding back some information about my first Ren’py game, (mega download link – Coffee Shop Encounter.) The characters you’ll see are the same ones in Superspy Steve.

How does the game work?

Very simple, you play the role of Megan, who wakes up from a sexy dream and becomes interested in the first hot blonde she meets at a coffee shop the next morning. In between classes, she daydreams about her and eventually the two of them hookup. There aren’t really any variations or different endings in this one and there may be a bug or two. No sound effects either.

Clearly, my game skills have come a long way since I made this! I may eventually remove this one, but if you’re curious, it’s a fun little game.