Captain Hero and the Current Project

I realized that I haven’t posted here (but on Deviantart) about my project that I’ve been working on for the past few months. Princess of Persia is still going, but, I’m mostly rendering and working on game mechanics and things for a super hero game.

Tentatively, it’s a story about Sebastian, who after an unfortunate event, becomes super-powered, along with some people he knows as well as strangers. Sadly, a few people don’t survive the event and those that do come into their powers in unique ways.

A power-hungry, successful businessman, Sebastian has never had the luck his good looks would bring him if only he wasn’t a douche. Now, thanks to his mind-control powers, he doesn’t have to worry about his lack of personality, only about how to best manipulate people into whatever strikes his fancy that day.

More to come.

BTW, multiple image series with the characters from the work in progress have been available to supporter’s on Patreon the last few months, and I’ve shared a few sets elsewhere, too. If you haven’t signed up there, please do to follow my work ensure that I make the best games possible.