Since starting writing, Jill Gates titles sold over 10,000 copies of her books. Between Amazon, GoodReads, Literotica and others, her works have consistently been rated 4+ stars – well, 3.5 for her most popular.

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  1. At present, I’m focusing on developing games. My first major title was Superspy Steve: Origin Story. Read more and download here. That was a few years ago, and if you want a better idea of what I’m developing now, you should check out Romancing the Kingdom or Sword of Wonder.
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  3. Get Late Night Roommates free on Amazon, if you haven’t already.
  4. See the full list of games I have available here.

Here’s the top seven most awesome quotes about Jill’s writings so far collected from a smattering of her reviews on various websites:

  1. That was a well written awesome story. Please continue it. – From, “Dressing Room Encounter.”
  2. Great detail, good first story! – From, “Professor Sex.”
  3. Outstanding. Would love more of this. Brilliant work. – From, “Temporary Roommates.”
  4. Having read your other works, I must say that this is just fabulously written. Thanks for writing such an erotically charged story. Wish I had a maid to play with! – From, “The Cougar’s Housekeeper.”
  5. This is art. Fantastic story, very engaging, absolutely charged with lust. Thank you for writing it! – From, “The Cougar’s Housekeeper.”
  6. The characters and plot were fairly believable. Im rating five stars for the sex scenes! Very Very sexy! It will turn you on! – From, “Late Night Roommates.”
  7. This is a great short sexy story. I am happy that I purchased this. If you are looking for a hot quick read I would recommend it! Looking forward to the next story. – From, “Wrong Beginnings.”

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