.35 Public Release, .40 Next Week for Supporters

Today, the public, free version of Princess of Persia is now the .35 release, which you can get a few ways, read more on Patreon here. The featured image on this post, Jack finding Briley in the kitchen, is a new scene included in the .35 version. Briley, who’s jealousy of her sister can’t be abated, conspires to find Jack when he’s most vulnerable: when he’s hungry.

Download via my website:

Or Mega:

PC version for .35:

Mac version for .35:

After this, next week on December 3rd, Very Lovely People who contribute at the highest level will get the .40 release. It’s going to be a bigger update than the .35 release, with new content, scenes and improved story depth. Also some bug fixes (the .35 version has a scene which, after I fixed the code, I realized couldn’t be accessed unless you use developer tools.