.27c Sword of Wonder Update and Android Edition

Last week, while rendering some animation, I decided to see how complicated it would be to port the .27c update to Android, given I’ve done it before. Took a bit, however, the reason was I ported the images all to Webp format to ensure the APK file isn’t a gigabyte in size. It’s only about 300 megs, a full gig less than the desktop version.

Also, I wanted to share a bit of the release notes for the .27c version given it was such a change over the .27b version shared recently. What I’ve been working on is ensuring stability and that whichever path the character is one (Polly, Briley, or…well, basically, everybody) that the options, trade-offs and code all work together. There are a half dozen scenes in .27c that you couldn’t get in the .27b version so it’s a fairly major improvement (for reference, that’s more than a quarter the size of a usual update).

Even more important though is the fact that, without the .27c fixes, one of the major new scenes was not accessible. This results in a bit of awkwardness with the .28 update coming soon as many variables wouldn’t be set right resulting in a player getting older content despite their advanced state of play.

That’s all better now though, consult the full release notes and get the brand new Android version of .27c here on Patreon for Nice level supports and up. .28 has been in active development for a few weeks already as I produce renders and new animation. Starting this week, I’m working through the text as well as more new animation based on the latest Patreon poll for preferences.