Coffee Shop Encounter: Beta Release, download for Windows, Mac or Linux

Coffee Shop Encounter is my first downloadable game on Windows Desktop (tested on Windows 10 so far), Mac (tested on El Capitan) and Linux (not tested). Created with Ren’py, it’s a seven day game where the player assumes the role of Megan, a freshman in college who’s trying to explore her lesbian desires for the first time.

Start of game:


At university:


Another day in class:


If you increase both Megan and Vanessa’s love meters enough, you’ll get this menu – the last one leads to the only in-game animation sequences.


Ready to give the beta a spin? Click here to download the zip file via Mega.

Questions, comments? Drop me a note via The New Lagoon, Ren’py forums, Reddit or elsewhere Jill Gates can be found.